The past few weeks have brought us damaging storms throughout our area. On the bright side, 2019 is appearing to be dryer than 2018. However, these storms have brought a lot of flooding and damage to properties.

In this article, we will discuss some common weather related forecasts and how to protect your property from severe weather.

Torrential Down Pours

Flooding is one of the main things we are seeing in the area. With the amount of rainfall a lot of homeowners are reporting damage to their properties. Good design will alleviate problems from most rainstorms. Raised garden beds, berms and trenches for storm water runoff can direct the water away from the garden.

If flooding occurs, though, take care of standing water. As standing water can be more damaging.

Hail Damage

In a previous article we talked about hail damage on roofs. You can read about it here. If we do get a hailstorm again, be sure to have your insurance adjuster take a look at your roof and around your home. Some hail damage is hard to detect at first.

Strong Winds

When storms roll through, strong winds are usually present. Wind can cause roof damage and fallen limbs from trees. Be sure that you inspect your roof and property after you have experienced strong storm winds

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