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Restoring Success: Transparency in Our Restoration Companies

August 11, 2020


Last month’s R&R Magazine’s Restoring Success, Morale and Engagement Built on a Foundation of Trust, we explored the importance of trust and the leadership role in fostering a culture of positive morale and engagement. Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust presents 13 key behaviors that are instrumental to us as individuals and leaders[…]

What is a Puffback?

October 3, 2019


As the days start getting shorter and the weather starts getting colder, many homeowners will be turning on their heating systems. It is very common to have heating problems this time of year because they have gone unused for so many months. Besides your heater just not working at all,[…]

Protect your Home and Landscape from Damaging Storms

July 30, 2019


The past few weeks have brought us damaging storms throughout our area. On the bright side, 2019 is appearing to be dryer than 2018. However, these storms have brought a lot of flooding and damage to properties. In this article, we will discuss some common weather related forecasts and how[…]

Can Hail Damage Your Roof

June 14, 2019


The recent storms that swept the area brought a lot of hail, rain, and damage with it. While some of the damage was easily detected, such as fallen tree limbs, dents in gutters, and broken windows. Some damage might not be visible just yet.   Hail Vs. Roof   Hail[…]

What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your Home

January 26, 2018


Winter weather brings bitter cold, blowing wind, and icy conditions. Sometimes that’s all that is needed for a tree to fall. So what happens if a tree were to fall on your house? What should you do? Like any disaster, it is always important to have a plan in place.[…]

Mihalko’s Wins Two Awards At The 2017 Contractor Connection Conference & Expo

August 16, 2017


Mihalko’s General Contracting & Restoration recently received two Restoration Industry awards at the 2017 Contractor Connection Conference & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri. Over 3,000 network contractors serving the Insurance Restoration Industry attended the three-day event in June. Mihalko’s Contracting & Restoration was presented with the Golden Hammer Award, given[…]

Heavy Rains Have Swept Our Region

June 23, 2017


Since last week, Western and parts of Central Pennsylvania has been under a flash flood watch. Our area has been hit with a large amount of rainfall and will continue through tonight. The areas with the highest impact from the heavy rain will be the low-lying areas prone to flooding.[…]

Warning: Ice Dams on Your Roof

February 2, 2017


Pennsylvania weather can be very unpredictable. One week it can be t-shirt and light jacket weather, the next week could be five inches of snow and blistering winds. These sudden changes in weather are more than just annoying, they can be damaging to your home. Ice formations are bound to[…]

Know the Warning Signs of a Wet Basement

February 2, 2017


Having a wet basement, unfortunately, is a common problem in many homes. As a homeowner, it is best to be vigilant and inspect your home for signs of water damage before your valuables are swimming. This winter, Pennsylvania has endured unseasonable weather. This is causing at times, more rain than[…]